The Shotties 2005

Everyone else is having award ceremonies at the moment, so SBBS has decided to join the fun. However, given our reputation for quality and credibility, we believe it would be an error to let any of you proles pick the winners or nominees – instead, the SBBS Editorial Board has made its wise and infallible choices.

The awards are divided into two categories; there were a great many worthy candidates to choose from in both cases. Indeed, 2004 was perhaps the best year in recent times to carry out such a ceremony (significantly aided by the exponential growth in blogging).

So, without further ado, here are the awards:

Fuckwit of the year – real world

Nominees: David Blunkett; George W Bush; Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; Kim Jong-il; God

Winner: David Blunkett. He’s not as evil as the others, but he is a scary, authoritarian weirdo with no sense of humour and no concept of privacy or human rights. And he’ll be back in power within months (indeed, according to the Home Office website, he never left). Cunt.

Fuckwit of the year – Internet wibblings

Nominees: Melanie Phillips

Winner: Melanie Phillips. By far the maddest person writing on the Internet; truly something of which to be proud. In a fuckwittery class of her own to a sufficient degree that having other nominees would be a travesty.

Update: the BEAST has some similarly themed, more comprehensive and funnier awards. Bastards.

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2 thoughts on “The Shotties 2005

  1. It was funny when the guys at powerline blog discovered Melanie Philipps and thought she was an interesing, perceptive writer… That tells you how far the right has gone over there!

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