The heavy heavy monster sound

Should you live in the UK or in Europe with access to UK satellite TV, you absolutely need to tune into BBC4 on a Thursday evening, and watch "Don’t watch that, watch this".

It’s the funniest programme on TV since Chris Morris’s apparent retirement [*]; on its own, it justifies the value of a Freeview box [**] and/or a TV license. Respect to the BBC and its fine tradition of public service broadcasting. May its enemies meet horrible fates.

[*] With the possible exception of Peep Show. Certainly the best political show.

[**] A Sky, Telewest or NTL subscription also works, and you have the enormous advantage of unlimited 24 and Simpsons. However, Freeview is the most cost-effective route to BBC4.

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5 thoughts on “The heavy heavy monster sound

  1. Chris Morris hasn’t retired – ‘Nathan Barley’ the new series he’s made with Charlie Brooker starts on Channel 4 next month, IIRC.

  2. Good news. Although isrespect all round for not having the balls to call it "Cunt"…

    That’s to avoid any possible confusion with Graham Norton’s programme.

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