One minor flaw

The metaphor for US foreign policy in this article very nearly works. The US is cast as a pest exterminator, performing a useful service for squeamish neighbours but attracting their revulsion as a result.

There’s a small problem with this metaphor, but it works well with a few tweaks: the pest exterminator turns up uninvited, kills your cat and dog while muttering under his breath about how much he thinks you’re all sissies, and then tells you to fuck off when you complain.

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4 thoughts on “One minor flaw

  1. You have seen Team America yet, right?

    There’s a rather unforgettable metaphor in favour of an aggressive foreign policy there…

  2. Indeed – I keep meaning to write something substantive about TAWP, being the only coherent defence of the hawk position I’ve ever seen in popular culture, but don’t have the time at the moment (which is why I stick to the far easier task of bashing wingnuts…)

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