10 thoughts on “George Bush worships Satan

  1. Aw come on, that’s the University of Texas sign for the Longhorns mascot. You’re embarrassing yourself with this post!

  2. Erm, that’s what Bush has said but in fact it’s not the Texas Loghorn’s sign and why should it be? The Uni. of Texas Law School turned him down. If he thinks that’s what he’s doing perhaps he should try and get it right. He could check it out HERE

  3. It looks very much as if Bush is trying to indicate to a passing Italian that he is a cuckold? That is a really rude gesture across lots of the Mediterranean.

  4. You don’t have prove at all. It’s the hook ’em horns UT hand gesture. So who was passing in the parade? UT Band? Some other marching band from Texas? I lived 23 yrs in Houston. Most Texans know the gesture and might use it, but not if they went to A&M! Yeah, so it’s also an insulting gesture in South America (means ‘you are an asshole’). But all this is ridiculous and proves again that hand gesture interpretations are not universal.

  5. Thats RIGHT when you make the connection to the fact that he is also a active member of skulls and bones AKA (the ORDER)
    which is resposible for provoking most the wars in the last 100 years you understand why . be fore you reply ask yourselves thes Questions #1 do you know who are the illuminati
    #2 how much do you know about freemasons http://www.freemasonrywatch.org
    and finaly is the corporate media your main source of news .
    if you ansewer is yes to the last one chances are your asleep in the matrix wake up its not a joke . http://www.tvnewslies.org
    and http://www.911in30seconds.org also listen to democracy now on http://www.kpfk.org public news radio. and please dont buy the hype any more

  6. A gesture such as that will not land a person in hell. What lands a person in hell is failing to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  7. Well that’s not very nice is it. So much for all the ‘Christanity is a peaceful religion’ nonsense – if you actually *read* the bible and it turns out they believe non-Christains should burn in hell for all of eternity… Peaceful? I think not – spiteful, more like!

  8. listen I was a athiest for many years. I had a dream that I was on the beach surrounded by people at the beach. When I saw a giant wave come in. I climbed up a pole of some kind and I looked down and I could see fear in the eyes of all the people. Then the wave came in and I whoke up. This dream occured months before the tsunami hit. I became a religous man after that. once you free your mind and open your heart to God allmighty dreams will guide you to destiny. Oh by the way George Bush Jr. is the Antichrist

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