Buddhist terrorists

One popular meme among War on Terror hawks has been to suggest that Islam is a uniquely violent and rubbish religion. This is bollocks; all religions are violent, rubbish and silly, and Islam has been no worse throughout its history than the others, which is Quite Bad.

One soundbite-sized version of the hawk view is "when did you last see a Buddhist terrorist?". The answer to that one would appear to be today.

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4 thoughts on “Buddhist terrorists

  1. The Buddhists also had the good sense to carry out their religious genocides in the early days of history, to have a go at a basically illiterate population (the "animist hill tribes" of Southeast Asia, formerly known as "animist pleasant farmland tribes" before their interaction with the Buddhists) and to wipe them out so comprehensively that you still meet people today who are prepared to claim that the Buddhists have never fought a religious war.

  2. Golly fucking gee, one group of buddhists way back in history killed some people. they do not devote their every waking hour to thinkinbg up ways to kill people, like most muslims do.

  3. Um……..I just read that article that you posted the link to………it does not say that Buddhists were responsible.

    As a matter of fact…it says that buddhists had planned peaceful protest but called it off after receiving an apology.

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