Assorted ‘who knew?’s

The pro-Bush-left site Who Knew? says that the 380 tons of explosive that went missing in Iraq were stolen by Baathist high-ups in order to carry out suicide bombings. No, seriously, colour me shocked.

Curiously, both Who Knew and Norm seem to think this exculpates US military planning; not, perhaps, the natural conclusion to draw.

Meanwhile, in the combination "who knew / shameless self promotion" category, the Independent reports that "14th century Russians believed vodka contained a spirit". Good story, though; they’ve found some quality candidates to interview.

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9 thoughts on “Assorted ‘who knew?’s

  1. Readers of the anti-Iraqi-democracy site Shot by Both Sides should read the comment I posted on my blog in response to John B’s comment there.

  2. They should also read my followup immediately below Jeremy’s.

    (and my views on Iraqi democracy are similar to Gandhi’s on British civilisation…)

  3. To try and get back to the point, no matter how peripherally, I did notice the experts in that Independent article, but I thought it would have been better if they’d organised a debate on the issue between John Band and John Brand.

    And do you keep cuttings of articles like this to pull out and show people who think that ‘researching the European drinks market’ is just a euphemism for ‘alcoholic’?

  4. Nick: It’s one of those iregular verbs: "I research the European drinks market; you’re Dave Weedon; he’s an alcoholic".

    Alison: no, just amongst people aged 40-60…

  5. I believe he’s the Regional Manager of Leicester Housing Association – although I’m aware I’m relying on the journalist who wrote this piece to spell his name correctly…

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