The War on Satire continues

One silly argument used by people who don’t think gays should be allowed to get married is the ‘unnatural’ one: if marriage is what a man and a woman need to do in order to have children and ensure human survival, then gays definitionally shouldn’t and can’t get married.

The obvious rejoinder is ‘what if they’re infertile?’, or ‘what if they don’t want children?’. These generally shut such people up (or more accurately, make them fish for another fatuous talking point). So naturally, when I saw this article linked out of context, I assumed it was making that rejoinder in a satirical way.

But no, it’s a real fundamentalist Christian institute genuinely claiming that childless couples will end up in the fires of hell. Mad skills, in every possible sense of the word ‘mad’.

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6 thoughts on “The War on Satire continues

  1. I’m always amused when Christians appear to argue that marriage is a purely Christian concept when discussing the possibilities of legal gay marriage, implicitly denying that people were married before Christ, in ignorance of Christ and in rejection of Christ.

    Well, at least its not God Hates Fags:

    This is, by the way, a real site.

  2. Yup, a soundbite that ghfdc (have/used to have) on their site from one of Pastor Fred Phelps’s sermons – "Filthy fag cathedral; filthy fag cathedral, filled with dogs and whores and beast; dropping like flies with AIDS; sucking on each other; anally copulating with each other" – was a popular drunken recital while at uni.

    Still not quite sure how I got put in charge of the LGB society, rather than being sacrificed at a PC altar.

  3. I love Deb Schum’s reason not to have kids…
    ‘if we had kids, we would need a table where the kids could do homework’

    and what a dirty psalm…
    ‘blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them [children]’

  4. ”people who don’t think gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married” That’s you isn’t it? Grammar always gets lefies in a twizz

    so I should be allowed to marry my brother then?
    I mean I love him, we’re infertile and definitely don’t want kids and we’re obviously the same sex
    so no problem

  5. Sorry, fixed now. Just following in Matt Yglesias’s proud tradition.

    Feel free to marry your brother; he’s minging so I wouldn’t have him.

  6. Of course you can’t marry your brother, because if you suck one another’s willies, or put them up one another’s bottoms, you’ll go to hell.

    But as a good christian it’s probably better to marry your sister, ‘cos at least you can put your willy in her furry hoop so she’ll have lots of funny-looking christian babies and you’ll go to heaven.

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