Success in secession

The self-proclaimed sensible left’s reaction to this victory has broadly been "American leftists should stop being correct, and start pandering to the ignorant masses".

Which is understandable: liberals are generally correct, and poor people everywhere who support parties that go against their economic interests generally do so out of ignorance (a high proportion of liberal voters are also ignorant, but by chance make the correct choice). However, one of the key criteria for successfully pandering to the ignorant masses is not telling them that you’re doing so. I’m sceptical that liberals are devious and nasty enough for this plan to work…

Adam Felber and The Poor Man have a better plan: just get rid of the bastards, and stop subsidising their rural hillbillery out of the money generated by the productive, liberal workers in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest and California. I’d happily emigrate to the northern country on The Poor Man’s map; once again, damn that Abraham Lincoln.

This is one way in which the UK system is more sensible: the regions being enormously subsidised here at least have the decency to vote for socialists and not moan about how much they’re being taxed…

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