Please, someone, shoot that smug git Blair

I’m glad to live in the kind of country where the headline posted above won’t get me arrested.

Actually, that’s unfair. The linked writer was visited by the Secret Service after publicly wishing that God would kill George Bush – so she didn’t even incite his assassination (unless God was reading, of course. You may add your favourite ‘omniscience’ joke in the comments).

NB should it not be obvious from the rest of the content of this article, I absolutely counsel and implore you not to assassinate Tony Blair, or any other Blair. See also here.

(via Nick Barlow)

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One thought on “Please, someone, shoot that smug git Blair

  1. That’s truly gobsmacking. I wonder what the policy is for that kind of thing .. if, because someone complained about her, the Secret Service /had/ to go around and creep her out? Or, they examined what she said in her post and felt it necessary after reading it?

    Either way, you would THINK the American Secret Service had more pressing concerns.

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