Best self-contradiction ever

"The people who voted for Bush are not so stupid as the Left likes to think. And the truth is, the Left would have us in camps if they could." – Betsy Gorisch, in Harry’s comments.

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8 thoughts on “Best self-contradiction ever

  1. The belief that the American left would imprison Bush voters in labour camps is a patently stupid belief; yet the person holding it is a Bush voter who believes Bush voters are unfairly described as stupid.

    For the statements not to contradict each other, you would need to parse her first sentence as "Although I am as stupid as the left portrays Bush voters to be, many of my fellow Bush voters are not". This would be true, but I doubt it was her intended meaning.

  2. Sounds about right to me. Who are history’s biggest camp creators? Let’s see….Germany’s National Socialist government…..the soviet’s United Socialist Republics….the founding documents of the Ba’ath party a study in socialism and nationalism. Such things are not welcome here, and for damn fine reasons.

  3. Oh for fuck’s sake. Bush isn’t Hitler, isn’t Stalin, and if you believe either of these to be the case then you’re an idiot.

  4. ‘Such things’ may not be welcome but they have already existed over there, so the ‘keep out your socialist evils’ mantra doesn’t really wash here. Or was the mass transportation of 100,000+ Japanese Americans during WWII different because you called them ‘relocation centres’?

  5. Don’t worry, the only camps in the US are reserved for terrorists. Or, suspect terrorists. Or, people held indefinitely with no charges. Not that to many of the Christian right voters there’s any difference, because they’re so smart they skip such nuances. Clear vision, firm resolve, whatever it takes – a brain is optional.
    But I guess I am only indulging in unfair stereotypes.

  6. We can all play this game.

    "And the truth is, the Right would bring back slavery if they could."

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