Vanity publishing

I don’t have time to post content today, but here’s an extremely silly photo of me from a few years ago. Viva el Che, etc (it’s too wide to fit on the blog, so you’ll have to click the link).

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2 thoughts on “Vanity publishing

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Haaaaa-haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oy, johnny… you’re too silly for words (but in a cute sort of way ;-)

    Don’t do it again, love, ok?

  2. Sorry, johnny, I couldn’t resist, I had to link to your pic. Do you mind? It’s just that it’s the silliest image I’ve seen in a long time and it cheers me up.

    I heart Che


    Anyway, do you like our new layout? Check out the lizardoid personals. We got such a fun blog, I know you wish yours was just as fun, but it’s a capitalist thing, you wouldn’t understand.


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