South Yorkshire Mass Idiocy

Drunken bollocks removed (that sounds more painful than intended).

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15 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Mass Idiocy

  1. Aww. And I was just about to say that I agreed with it. Still my defence of said article is here.

    I was tempted to leave a comment as Nicky Wire, but that wouldn’t have been very nice, would it?

  2. I’ve long considered adding a second, secret blog for frothing-at-the-mouth ranting and drunken bollocks, to be shared only with my personal friends and people I could rely upon to enjoy that sort of thing and keep the secret. It would probably prolong my lifespan.

  3. Maybe we could set up a group blog for drunken posts (I certainly need one; though Jonathan Derbyshire referred to one of more insane posts as "very fine indeed"). Will Rubbish could join us.
    To preserve anonymity, no posts would be signed, and no hints of individuality will be allowed. All references to oneself would have to be in the third person plural, and swearing and attacks on the "pseudo-left" would be encouraged.

  4. Instead of anonymity, we’d sign our posts with "Big mad Drongo" and other names that are only funny when you’re hammered.
    We should take measures to ensure that comments are only allowed from commenters who are themselves plastered to the gills. The group blog should be a no-sobriety zone (and probably a no-vegetarian, no-non-smoker zone although people cranky from having recently quit smoking or cafeine should get an exemption)

  5. I’ve thought about this one too: a friend and I came up with the idea of the ‘bolloxed blog’ on a drunken night out. Needless to say we forgot about it…until now!

  6. Dave: you’re only a pseudo-drunk. Or even maybe a pseudo-pseudo-drunk. which means not even a real pseudo-drunk but a pretend drunk who pretends that he’s drunk. or something like that. anyway keep up the good work liberals!

  7. Ah, Will, you’ve seen through me. Not only am I a pseudo-drunk, I’m also a non-smoking vegetarian, so I’d be kicked off this group blog before it started.

  8. In real life, I don’t smoke, never have and never will. I’ve tried vegetarianism and found that it wasn’t for me – but I enjoy whipping up a cadaver-free meal for guests. However, in the Drunkblog, I would take on the persona of a red meat eating, chain smoking, high-volume drunkard from hell.

  9. Glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, Bush, glug, glug, Islamofacism, glug, glug, FECK!, glug. Now it will remain, sir, as cannot be denied by even the most crapulous of my compain deipnosophists, an obvious truth that, interpolating the opinions I ascribe to some putative fair-minded and objective observers, this is a one-issue election. Glug

  10. Looks like someone’s got dibs on the persona. I must say that slagging Mother Theresa, Henry Kissinger, Che Guevara and God knows who else sounds like fun to me. Well, fun when I’m drunk.

  11. If Hitchens was on your liberal side would his drinking be an issue/problem for you? methinks not. Carry on liberals!

    ps. I like a drink. That makes me a real man fukkas.

  12. Will has a point. (Though it’s rude to point.) I have no problem whatever with Hunter S Thompson. I’m not sure he’s a liberal, just a genius.

  13. I’d make fun of his boozing if he was on my liberal side, sure. Actually, the point where critics start linking Hitchens’s drinking to his tendentious reporting of late is the point where I get off the bus.

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