So I lied, very slightly

Christopher Hitchens thinks Kerry stormed the first presidential debate, as does everyone else with eyes and ears.

However, his article containst a bizarre quote: "I have forgotten to mention Kerry’s dishonesty. This takes two forms: Saying things he knows are false and making claims he cannot back up", followed by no examples from the debate transcript (indeed, based on my reading of the debate, there are no such examples [*]).

This might be down to vicious subediting, and perhaps under the principle of charity we should assume that this is the case. After all, I doubt a writer of Mr Hitchens’ calibre would stoop to tossing in irrelevant smears of his opponents disguised as factual asides…

(via Norm)

[*] I don’t mean by this that Mr Kerry has never made claims that he couldn’t back up, merely that the speech doesn’t contain any such claims. Mr Hitchens might as well have added a paragraph in the middle of the speech review saying "I have forgotten to mention Mr Bush’s history of alcoholism and irresponsibility".

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