I’ve just worked a 22-hour day. I really should get the final two hours in now I’ve gone that far – unfortunately I think that would be fatal. Potentially literally.

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One thought on “Slavery

  1. john b, you need some good news, so here they are:

    1. We’ve added you to our blogroll. If you don’t reciprocate the fucking link, I’m going to personally egg and toilet-paper this shitty little blog of yours. Capisce?

    2. ayahuasca added your portrait to the personals. Be prepared, lots of good-looking female lizardoids are looking at you as we speak, going ‘oooh, baby, yeah, gimme the stalinist version, yeah, do it to me, baby!’ I don’t know if they’re referring to you or the ferret, but you should come look.

    3. We’re like in our fourth layout dude, and you still haven’t added title or target attributes to the links in your comments.

    4. All right, that’s all for now, motherfucker.

    LGFWW: where the stalinists are stalinists and the ferrets know it

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