Sauce for gander

A final thought on the Guardian’s Clark County project: what proportion of the Iowans who said "how dare foreigners tell us what we should do?" also think that the people of Iraq have been terribly ungrateful for their liberation?

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3 thoughts on “Sauce for gander

  1. I remember Cuthbertson Peter really did say this in comments at Harry’s i.e. Iraqi’s have not shown enough gratitude. I don’t think he’s from Iowa tho but.

    One point tho’. In the first case they have a vote and others are telling them how to vote. In the other case they didn’t have a vote and soon will have a vote. The lack of gratitude or otherwise is therefore of a different nature. Analogies are neither true nor false, instead they come in degrees from near identity to extreme dissimilarity. The examples you give are extremely disimilar.

  2. I see your point. The analogy which I think does hold true is that [assuming the net consquences of the Iraq war are positive] neither the Ohioans nor the Iraqis have any serious right to be annoyed, but they are (and it’s not just the Baathists and Islamofascists who are pissed off with the occupation).

    I suspect this is because people in general are far more into nation-state twattery than would be sensible. Rather like the way British people blame the EU not only for things that are entirely fictional, but also for things that are imposed by the British government without any EU compulsion…

  3. Good lad. The nation state twattery as you put it tho’ is not (as liberals in general seem to hold) something primordial. It stems from other shit that I may go on about at mine when I have the time but I think you may guess it’s a materialist explanation.

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