Plugs etc

If you want to know my views on Islamic cola, then buy a copy of the Economist and turn to page 37. Or if you want to know what’s going on in the agreeable Manchester suburb of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, then Chorlton Online might be a good place to go. Run by some people I know.

If neither of these appeal, I’d recommend reading the final lines of Charlie Brooker’s latest column, instead: "You might help raise the world’s sanity-and-perspective level, if only by a notch". Pointed and understated…

Finally, a scary advert for a scary drink:

Pleasingly, the Zwack Unicum website suggests that one should cure one’s hangover by drinking a Bloody Mary, which is exactly what I’m doing (thanks, Ista!) Although mine’s made with Stoli, as all vodka drinks should be.

It’s a good website, actually. The English-language text reads as if it were written by a congenial, drunk, Eastern European emigre poet, which is quite possible. They also sell a Unicum-based alcopop – I need to experience this…

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One thought on “Plugs etc

  1. Smirnoff is vile and must be stopped.
    But that’s just about the best name I’ve ever come across for a drink.

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