Better than kerning

For an example of what proper blogging is all about, follow Josh Marshall‘s campaign against the egregious bastards at Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Mr Marshall is pushing a story that the mainstream TV media won’t cover because they’re genuinely conflicted (Sinclar stations carry all four networks), and he’s mobilising his readership to take real action to stop one of the most disgraceful, anti-democratic things to happen in the developed world since, err, Florida 2000.

Much as I enjoy playing with typography, this seems somewhat more important than some bollocks about fonts. Should you happen to live near a Sinclair station, please do contact their sales manager and then their advertisers – details on Mr Marshall’s site.

Update: NewsMax strongly disagrees about the relative importance of Rathergate and the Sinclair outrage. Which is more or less 100% proof that I’m right.

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