Support the Temple

Butterflies & Wheels today features the funniest and most effective article on animal suffering you’ll ever read. Nor is it callous – the article’s light humour creates a terrible contrast with the bleakest-paragraph-ever on brutal pig slaughter.

It also has an interesting digression on animal science professor Temple Grandin, who has designed many non-cruel slaughterhouses (well, non-cruel given the fact that animals die in them); as Backword Dave says, the fact that humane designs like hers aren’t mandatory is disgraceful.

Interestingly, Dr Grandin also believes that kosher and halal slaughter are humane methods of slaughter when done properly – suggesting that the UK’s Farm Animal Welfare Council are mad, stupid, bigoted or all three for allowing the vicious methods outlined on B&W while suggesting religious animal slaughter should be banned.

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