Shot by both sides

I seem to be getting flak from right-wing LGF fans and dogmatic lefties alike, which implies I must be doing something right (although yes, I know that doing something *terribly wrong* is also a logical possibility).

Actually, the LGF fans seem mostly to be criticising my site design and work ethic, both of which are shoddy, while the Marxists are mostly throwing playground insults. So I’m fairly happy with aw’ that.

Meanwhile, the latest news from Iraq is that freedom is thriving so much that elections will likely be suspended across 20-25% of the country. Score!

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8 thoughts on “Shot by both sides

  1. Oy, johnny

    It’s only me criticising you, mate, the rest of the gang doesn’t even bother. Don’t pat yourself on the back so much. And I only do it because I care. Besides, you started it, love! If you hadn’t sneered at our blog, I wouldn’t even know you existed.

    Anyway, you know you’re growing on me, don’t you? You’re honest and you back down when you’re wrong. I like that. We gotta do something about the sneering attitude though.

    Hasta la vista, baby!

  2. Oh, and don’t fucking call me "right-wing" again. I thought we had clarified that.

    Fucking lefties… Pretend to listen but their mind is fucking made up already…

  3. LOL!! I like it that you’re honest.


    But I kinda think you may be wrong about Ayahuasca, too. I don’t want to say more, come read us on election day. And he’s a pussycat if you’re nice to him. But I can see why you thought he was mean, him being God and all…

    Ah shit, gotta go. Trolls are calling me…

  4. Thankyou for calling us "lefties" here, though it’s not exactly consistent with calling us "pseudo-left" elsewhere. But "dogmatic"? It’s not dogmatic to object to your wrenching one passing phrase about heartlessness out of context, and then saying that we think heartlessness is the *only* motive for anti-war clowns – it’s just respect for grammar and common sense.
    Actually, as you so consistently demonstrate, other motives for anti-war clowns include ignorance, self-righteousness and an utter inability either to read carefully (as shown above) or to write carefully (as in your drivel on Hak Mao’s site about "war enthusiasts", as if everyone who disagrees with you actually gets some kind of a kick out of warfare).
    You’re still a fool, but you’re also turning into a bore.

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