Paranoid derangement

Andrew Iain Dodge needs to ramp up his medication: "When Islamic bombings and kidnapping become the norm here, as in countries around the world, I wonder if the Left will feel that it spent its time wisely."

The fox-hunting sillyness isn’t a very good use of the Left or the Right’s time. But that’s no reason to make up nonsense about Muslim bogeymen who will destroy our society. There’s not one scrap of evidence to imply this will happen.

I don’t think all the War on Terror-ites are racist – most are just bad at risk assessment, which is an entirely forgivable human trait. However, the Dodge-y crowd is so clearly racist that it’s embarassing…

"With France heading to 20% Moslem population, and Britain officially at 5%, in reality at who knows what level, we are in deep trouble. Do we have among us a group of people whose beliefs, politics, and aspirations are in contradiction to those of a free, democratic Britain?"

I hope that reputable War on Terror supporters share my disdain for this, well, disgusting faction.

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10 thoughts on “Paranoid derangement

  1. The link you give doesn’t seem to be to the quoted sections you give. But what the hell, I just looked at the blog of the ‘liberatarian’ and can with all honesty say…fuck the motherfucker. Fucking asshole.

    Does that do John?

  2. I hate to say it, but by totally ignoring the substance of Andrew Ian Dodge’s post (i.e. about the staggering levels of Der Stürmer-style anti-Semitism in the mainstream Islamic media in the Middle East) in favour of taking a scaremongering quote out of its original context, aren’t you helping him prove his point about how rather too many people are prepared to turn a blind eye to this kind of thing?

    I don’t for one second buy his attempt to compare the present-day Islamic world with Nazi Germany, which is just ignorant and offensive (not least because it ignores the fact that the overwhelming majority of Muslims regard Islamic terrorism with utter abhorrence), but he’s basically right that there are certain things that rather too many of us seem happy either to ignore or condone.

    If you want a good recent example, just look at how Peter Tatchell was vilified recently.

  3. What is slightly more disturbing is while he does not feel that "all the War on Terror-ites are racist", he does feel that we all have to come over here to prove it.

  4. Blind prejudice is perfectly acceptable on this blog when directed at an approved group – British "ruralites" for example. But criticising Islam is beyond the pale.

  5. Yes Bastien. Every English "ruralite" was there. And they were all, every last man jack of them, rioting just as hard as they could. Absolutely.

  6. My original ‘ruralite’ post was in no way blind prejudice – I was just countering someone else’s bizarre assertion that ruralites were *better* than everyone else.

    Criticising Islam is perfectly legitimate… it’s a religion, and therefore definitionally a silly waste of time and effort. Suggesting that Muslims are Nazi sympathisers who plan to overthrow the British government and gas the gays and the Jews, however, is insane.

    Eric: perhaps I should have written ‘am sure’ rather than ‘hope’ in the original post. Nonetheless, I thought I’d made it fairly clear that I believe in the existence of "non-Muslim-hating non-nutcase WoT hawks"…

  7. Even tho’ I was pissed when initially answering John here, I stand by what I said. Obfuscations, nuances and subtelties aside, I haven’t forgot that the right wingers who hold a position on Iraq the same as me, do so from different impulses and ultimate aims, and are at the end of the day head cases, nutjobs and the fucking class enemy.

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