Marching powder

Harry Hutton is absolutely right on the hypocrisy of coke-taking ‘lefties’. While there are many culprits for the appalling human rights situation in much of rural Latin America (and the War on Drugs has made this far worse), nonetheless every gramme of coke you buy puts money in the pockets of murdering warlords. Which is bad, and makes you bad.

Of course, this doesn’t apply to cannabis, most of which is grown in basement flats with curiously high electricity bills, or to E, which is entirely synthetic. Yet more reason to focus society’s drug consumption on that harmless duo, to the exclusion of The Nasty Shit.

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4 thoughts on “Marching powder

  1. So what if you’re a coke taking right-winger that doesn’t give two f…s about the South-African grapefruit?

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