Interesting Google happenings

Search behemoth Google has used its IPO money to poach various developers with interesting CVs from Sun and Microsoft. Some hacks are speculating that Google plans to build its own web browser…

Certainly, the MS guys have IE experience – but one of them also led Access, and another was working on the new Windows release. Either Google’s also planning to launch its own midrange SQL database and its own desktop OS, or past performance may not be the best guide to the future.

Skills in building desktop software (and network applications, come to that) are relatively transferable, so it’s quite possible that Google just wanted some talented people to work on its current projects. My preferred theory, though, is that it hired them to scare the hell out of its competitors.

Prediction for next week: Google will recruit Sony’s head of PS3 software developmen. The rumours will fly about a free, handheld GConsole, which contains a gigabyte of flash RAM, but scans all your gameplay to show you adverts based on your performance.

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One thought on “Interesting Google happenings

  1. Actually, I understand Sergei Brin is using the money to buy a small volcanic island in an undisclosed location, a monocle and a fluffy white cat.

    Then again, they might just merge with Microsoft. Which would be fun, if only to watch the heads of tech journalists around the world explode.

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