Furry bacteria

The little bastard in the picture kept me off work on Friday (actually, cheers for that), ruined my weekend, and has left me still feeling like shit today.

If he wasn’t so cute, I’d kill him with antibiotics… on the plus side, at least it’s not his meaner big brother:

(from the rather excellent GIANTmicrobes site, which sells various horrible diseases in soft toy format).

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One thought on “Furry bacteria

  1. Hey John, I just noticed your stats, mate:

    "Incidentally, SBBS has had 38,056 hits from an unspecified number of unique IP addresses since the start of 2004, 1,899 of which were in the last three days."

    That’s very good traffic. Um… it might be that a lot of the 1,899 hits in the last three days were mine. I like you john! I really-really like you!


    We’ve been online since the end of July, when the LGF Watch Kids kicked us out of their site and closed down the comments. Our total hits so far are 45,793. The Kids, who you say do not lie, were not very big on freedom of speech and they didn’t like answering questions or retracting their lies either. We had no choice but to start our own blog, see?

    All right, done ranting, fucking good day to you all! :-)

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