Disappearing Liberals

Whatever happened to the Lib Dem bloggers? Nick Barlow is still going strong, and I do at least remember Vivienne Raper signing off – but where did Jade Farrington go (apart from getting into Cambridge, for which congratulations are due)? And why does Gez Smith’s site now point at a Linux website?

Perhaps Liberal Central Office has imposed strict anti-blogging regulations, to avoid accusations of ‘looking like as much of an arse as Tom Watson’? Or maybe the shadowy cabal of economic liberals led by David Laws and Mark Oaten have locked the party’s lefty-student wing in a dungeon until after the next election (in which case, please can you let Lord Greaves join them?)

Either way, I think we should be told.

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3 thoughts on “Disappearing Liberals

  1. We’re still around – see the list on my links, most of which are still active, I believe. Plus there’s a list here and the newest blogging Lib Dem is actually Jody Dunn, of course.

    I think it’s just that there are now so many political bloggers in Britain that there is a kind of clustering going on, whereby whole political sections tend to just speak to each other (there’s a whole lot of Tory blogs out there that I’m only vaguely aware of, for instance) and it’s only the older (bigger?) blogs that act as bridges between the different sides.

  2. True: it has all become a lot more party-polarised than it was this time last year.

    I like the way Jody’s site reads more like a personal blog than a party-political one; almost as if she were writing it out of interest rather than to get elected. I’m sure there’s a team of copywriters in Cowley Street contributing to this impression… ;-)

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