Can’t even fake it

If you’re going to forge documents from 1973 in an attempt to make George W Bush look even more crooked and dodgy than he already does, then you should go to the trouble of using a vintage typewriter. Or at least word process it using Courier with “autocorrect” turned off.

This isn’t exactly master forgery. It’s really, really basic stuff that I knew about when I was 11 (although admittedly I was trying to produce fake tenners on a colour laser printer using Christmas decorations as the metal strip when I was 11, so I may not be representative).

Perhaps this is why the Republicans fight so much dirtier than the Democrats: the latter just aren’t good enough liars to get away with it.

And yup, I know that there were proportionally-spaced typewriters in 1973, and that there is some evidence they may have been used in this case. Perhaps the strongest evidence is that surely no political goon could be quite as stupid as outlined above…

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