Britain in ‘still sane’ shock

The country’s most entertaining newspaper columnist has a truly spectacular new article online. Melanie Phillips, for it is she, blasts the British public for not being as mad as her.

Mel was looking forward to appearing as a panelist on a current affairs radio show show. Sadly, the Evil Left Wing Conspiracy reared its ugly head and spoiled her afternoon.

To start with, the panel was terribly biased. It featured a former Green Party leader, a Muslim feminist, the editor of the Financial Times, and Mel. Now, that might sound like a fair spectrum of opinion – but three of them oppose the Endless War On Whoever We Fancy Invading Next, so count as secret communist dhimmi saboteurs in Mel’s book.

Worse still, the British public are equally biased: "when [Green] Jonathan Porritt claimed… that the idea of a concerted Islamic war against the west was ‘bordering on the insane’ and was merely a fiction concocted by the likes of George W Bush… the audience burst into applause."

Terrible news, Mel. I know – why don’t we dissolve the public and elect a new one which supports your conspiracy theories?

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4 thoughts on “Britain in ‘still sane’ shock

  1. What a nice little world Melanie must inhabit. How comforting to believe that the Israeli army only kill little Palestinian children who don’t like Israel or look like they might turn into suicide bombers. Such knowledge would really warm her heart if she had one.

  2. Fucking mental, that woman. Sorry – I know I should have said something more politically analytical, but she’s as mad as a box of frogs.

  3. I think melanie had some good points to make. A very interesting speaker. It is generally true that the BBC stacks its audience against what it thinks is the politically correct line. I have not seen a decent exposition of any right wing views on the BBC.

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