Before I go

The BBC’s decision to ban religious comedy Popetown is absolutely shit. For a start, Catholics are seditious traitors who shouldn’t be allowed to flaunt their evil Popeish influence in our glorious Protestant land. It says so in the law, and everything.

More importantly, religion is silly, and causing religious offence is a glorious and excellent way to spend one’s time.

Should anyone be wishing to raise cheap debating points about politically correct selective religious tolerance, I’d like to make clear that I believe Mohammed fucked goats, Buddha was a greedy fat bastard, and that the Greek (and then Roman – fucking wops, stealing everyone else’s ideas) gods piss all over everyone else’s with their eyes shut.

And you can’t complain about that. Melissa Henry says so.

Update: forgot to say, via Will Generaltheoryofrubbish

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  1. And you should have given me a link there you bad man. Or is it because I is pro bomb the shit out of Jihadists muthafukka that you ainted?

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