At least they’re honest

Gotta love the pro-Bush Kerry-haters.

"When all is said and done, Kerry’s campaign is deader than McGovern’s in ’72. In fact he’s looking worse than McGovern, which takes some doing.

"Come November, the Beeb will end up looking extremely foolish after its extensive happy-clappy coverage of Kerry’s campaign — at least amongst us American readers. Will the majority of British people even notice, though? Or will it all come down to, ‘those Yanks were too stupid to go for that wonderful guy in the French shirts’?"

George McGovern, one of the most honourable people to stand for election in recent times, lost by a landslide to Richard Nixon – the worst president of the last century. The enormous defeat came chiefly because Mr Nixon’s dirty campaign falsely painted Mr McGovern as weak on defence.

Less than two years later, Mr Nixon resigned after admitting that he’d taken part in a criminal conspiracy while in the White House. Meanwhile, Mr Nixon did exactly as Mr McGovern had planned, and withdrew US troops from Vietnam.

In short, if there was ever an election in which the American public earned the soubriquet ‘The Yanks were too stupid to go for the wonderful guy (and elected the criminal scumbag instead)’, 1972 was it.

Strangely enough, I always assumed that the *anti*-Bush side would be the only people to mention that particular election this time around…

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