All must have links

Bobby from the sadly defunct (although via its comments section, finding a new role as a paradise for discount Viagra salesmen) PolitX has a fairly new blog called Blast!. Worth a read.

Other interesting new-ish people for you to click on the right hand side of the blog are Damian Counsell, whose Pootergeek blog has a rubbish name, and who looks like Dr Evil, but is well worth reading, and grumpy right-wing American John Cole. Based on the well-known principle of always balancing one’s Coles, I’ve also added a link to Famous Middle East Expert (TM) Juan Cole. Finally, with a horrible template, a name-pun almost as bad as Ed Thomas’s, and a lot of WoT extremism (with which I disagree, but which is well-expressed and very un-gung-ho), comes Eric the Unread.

I’d also like to pelt Matt Yglesias with rotten tomatoes for disabling his comments section. And for being younger than me, more respected as a writer, and having a better job. I bet I can outdrink him, though.

Finally, it seems one can’t even give Gmail addresses away these days. But I’m going to try – so let me know if you want one.

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8 thoughts on “All must have links

  1. Not sure whether that was deliberate fishing for linkage or not – either way, well reminded. You now have both a link and a Gmail invite.

  2. Add a letter e onto the first word of my email address (the one from your comment thingy) and it might even get to me…

    Jimmy Carter though. What a bastard eh?

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