Men’s rights activists are stupid, throw rocks at them

When I was in the US, I spotted a couple of girls wearing ‘boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’ t-shirts. As a registered emasculated feminist dupe and gender traitor, a fan of t-shirts featuring silly cartoons, and *especially* a fan of girls who wear t-shirts featuring silly cartoons, I was most impressed.

(mild digression – the best purveyors of t-shirts featuring silly cartoons in the world ever are Kukuxumusu. Their t-shirts are excellent, and wearing one is approximately the best way to impress me [1]. The ‘boys are stupid’ shirt still ranks below Kukuxumusu on the t-shirt scale).

Anyway, on idly typing ‘boys are stupid, throw rocks at them’ into Google, I discovered that not everyone shares my view on the excellence of said shirts. The Canadian Children’s Rights Council, which seems to hover oddly on the boundary between humourless PC and deranged men’s rights activism, takes a particularly dim view, claiming that the shirts are a hate crime. Apparently, various other North Americans have stirred up similar local frenzies; it would probably be an error to assume that they were *all* paid shills for the t-shirt’s designer.

I’m not going to get into the details of why the protesters are stupid and deserve to have rocks thrown at them… although the facts that a male designer is working for a male-owned company to sell the t-shirts through chiefly male-owned shops, and that men in the relevant demographic tend to think that the t-shirts are cool, might provide some indication.

Just one thought for them: if you really do want to preserve traditional notions of masculinity (using the religious/conservative definition of ‘traditional notions of masculinity’) from the femininazi onslaught, perhaps the best way to achieve this doesn’t involve, erm, whining like a sissy that ‘it’s not FAIR and shouldn’t be ALLOWED’.

Update: I suspect that the US’ answer to Peter Cuthbertson, Ryan Thompson, would disagree with me here.

[1] Barring obvious exceptions, such as being Hunter S Thompson, Keira Knightley or the devil himself, or giving me a Gmail account. NB these aren’t necessarily all at exactly equal levels of impressive-ness.

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14 thoughts on “Men’s rights activists are stupid, throw rocks at them

  1. Awesome article. I’m a girl and I won a throw rocks at boys t-shirt. It’s highly ironic that men’s "rights" groups complain about the Throw Rocks at Boys T-shirts and say nothing about say – some rapper singing about raping and killing girls. Or all the regular violence depicted for entertainment towards girls. It’s only when they get some back, even in the form of a joke, that they start whining. You’re right, conservatives are hypocrites, throw rocks at them.

  2. Ryan Thompson has identified one of the major issues of the day:

    Males should not wear pink. In modern history, the color pink has been reserved for females, and it has fit nicely with their angelic existence. Males did not wear the color pink because of this. If you walk into clothing store today, around half the clothes in the male section are pink.

    I’ve mostly avoided Peter Cuthbertson’s blog for obvious reasons, but could he really write bilge of that magnitude?

  3. Girls are hormonal, throw tampons at them!
    The incredible ****storm a shirt like that would let loose would at least show that us stupid boys aren’t the only ones marching under a double-standard.

  4. I may be guessing but I believe at least one of those girls has beaten a bloke using a mace.

  5. Its Only A joke! Men should not take it to heart I mean they could make a t shirt saying girls are stupid but I dont think it would be that bad!

  6. Of course it’s a joke. I hope John B will understand that when they start throwing at him.

  7. "Hate shirt" I love it. I have now designated my second favourite blue oxford-cuffed work shirt as my "hate shirt" and will wear it to meetings with people I hate.

  8. Look, cigarette advertising doesn’t FORCE anyone to smoke does it? It’s all down to personal choice, right?

    So a t-shirt slogan doesn’t FORCE people to throw rocks, does it? It’s all down to personal choice, right?

    So the people who make the t-shirts and the people who wear them certianly shouldn’t have to take any responsibility for anything bad that happens, and we should all shut up and let the market decide whether people want to throw rocks. Or wear t-shirts about rock throwing.

  9. Yet another FINE example of people not taking personal responsibility for themselves. If you don’t want to throw rocks, don’t. If you don’t want your children doing it, raise them so they don’t. Maybe, if there weren’t such a double-standard in the U.S., I’d have sympathy for the poor, oppressed, stupid men. But there is a double standard here. I don’t know any women, save those who choose to arm themselves, feel safe walking alone at night, who feel comfortable when a strange man approaches them if they are alone, and of all my women friends, about 1/3 have been assaulted, by a MAN, at one point in their lives. Now, back to the poor poor men who are worried about rocks being thrown at them – don’t approach me on the street at night and I can assure you, you will be safe.

  10. Hey! I have that shirt! I love my boys are stupid shirt. In fact when I purchased it I received a boys are stupid sticker which proudly resides on my cruiser bike. It this is really causing a stir I can only imagine what these good for nothing, nothing to do but bitch and moan, need something to complain about pinheads will do when they really start to explore all that David & Goliathe have to offer. Personally I think those guys are ingenius.

  11. I’m a man. I don’t want all those mean pink wearing girls throwing rocks at me. I’m going to tell my mommy. Hey wait a minute, she’s a girl too. Oh, what am I to do ??. I’m scared. Maybe I could get a ‘Don’t Throw Rocks At me’ t-shirt………

  12. Oh my… Only in America. The only country that I know of to reach mass hysteria over a single Jackson-nipple shown on tv. Am I allowed to type ‘nipple’ by the way or is it censored in ****** later? :D

    Americans are stupid, narrow minded and full of themselves… throw rocks at them

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