As a great fan of stupid interlingual puns and the Tube map, imagine my delight to see the two combined. Never let it be said that the Austrians have no sense of humour.

Relatedly, have you noticed that if you view the geographically accurate Underground map, it looks almost exactly like the Harry Beck map drawn by a drunk and then stretched round the inside of a crater?

Not that I’ve ever made a drunk draw the Harry Beck map and then strech it round the inside of a crater. That would be wrong.

(via ein Englischmann’s Schloss)

Update: as Horst points out in the comments, I’ve been confusing my Franks and my Harrys – fixed now…

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4 thoughts on “Untergrundbahnstadtplan

  1. That would be *Harry* Beck, who was commissioned by Frank *Pick*, so I think you got those two mixed up.

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