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Virtual Tophet Josephine has created a (nominally) Anglocentric version of the near-infinite list. It still uses the word “fall” to mean “autumn”, although this may just be a nod towards medieval usage. My answers are very much as below…

1. Cats or Dogs Cats

2. Elizabeth Taylor or Richard Burton Burton

3. Royal Opera or ENO Eno and Ferry, early 1970s

4. Ancient or Medieval Ancient

5. Titian or Caravaggio Titian

6. Yeats or Eliot Yeats

7. Bruce Forsyth or Larry Grayson Eek.

8. George or Ringo George

9. To Have and Have Not or Casablanca Casablanca

10. Tracey Emin or Rachel Whiteread Whiteread

11. The Who or the Stones Still Who’s Best

12. Dylan Thomas or Ted Hughes Thomas, obviously

13. Robinson Crusoe or King Solomon’s Mines Mines.

14. Fellini or Begnini Fellini.

15. Dostoyevsky or Tolstoy Tolstoy

16. Oxford or Cambridge Duh.

17. The sixties or the seventies To be culturally elite in: 60s; to be ordinary in: 70s

18. Burger King or MacDonalds BK got it.

19. Jonathan Ross or Angus Deayton Deayton.

20. Peter Mandelson or Alastair Campbell Ugh. Mandy.

21. Verdi or Wagner Verdi

22. Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet Duran.

23. Bill Monroe or Johnny Cash Cash

24. The Iliad or the Odyssey Odyssey, by a wide margin.

25. Hello or Heat Ugh, by a wide margin.

26. London or Paris London, by a near-infinite margin

27. Moscow or California Moscow.

28. Athens or Rome Rome.

29. Red wine or white Still red.

30. Noël Coward or Oscar Wilde Coward.

31. Vanessa Redgrave or Judi Dench Dench.

32. Brown or Blair Brown.

33. British Museum or Natural History Museum Nat Hist every time.

34. More museums: Louvre or Pergamon Louvre

35. Pubs or bars Pubs, a thousand times pubs.

36. Comedy or tragedy Tragicomedy.

37. Fall or spring I though this was supposed to be an Anglicised quiz?

38. Coffee or tea Coffee

39. Jane Austen or Virginia Woolf Woolf.

40. Bull-fighters or gladiators Gladiators; you can’t beat a good Atlas-sphere.

41. Renaissance or Enlightenment Enlightenment.

42. Sunset or sunrise Sunset.

43. Town or Country Town.

44. Mac or PC Symbian

45. Charles or Diana To be alive: Charles

46. Tuscany or Provence Provence.

47. Email or Telephone Email

48. Fruit or Cake Cake.

49. Football or Rugby Football. In the true sense of rugby football, obviously.

50. Dolphins or Tuna To eat: dolphins. To frolic with: tuna

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