Fantasy football

Was there any logic whatsoever in replacing Wayne Rooney with that twat Heskey, or has Sven just been placing large bets on the French?

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3 thoughts on “Fantasy football

  1. Just one of those games I think.

    Heskey and Vassell made England look better; unfortunately Heskey is a clumsy oaf at times. OTOH- did you notice Rooney putting himself about and mightn’t he have done something similar? (actually I don’t think he would have- he’s got some super-sense as far as footie is concened. Very savvy.)

    Hey ho. Ho hum, etc.

  2. I did see Rooney putting himself about – and indeed, figured that was why Sven took him off; just a shame that Heskey did the same thing…

  3. I still can’t work out how Heskey got into the squad ahead of Defoe in the first place, let alone what happened last night.

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