I’m back to the 7-days-a-week, 12-hours-a-day working thing for the rest of May, so bloggage here may be limited.

Meantime, here’s a site encouraging you to vote in the European elections next month. Vote early, vote often, etc.

The jooglebomb seems to have lost impetus, with sensible definitions of Jew slipping somewhat and being replaced by more unfortunate ones. This is a Bad Thing, and whether Jew or Gentile, I urge you to do something about it…

On a related topic: should you happen to have found this site via a Google search, John Negroponte is not Jewish. Stop having stupid antisemitic conspiracy theories, and instead start hating him for being an evil bastard who backed murdering death squads. Also, to the Canadian who searched for “black people being shot” – you’re very weird.

Finally, Matthew Parris has some interesting views on the President’s re-election.

For those of you deprived of the benefits of living in the UK (chiefly rain, pies, dark beer and free access to the Times website), he believes Mr Bush needs to be re-elected and finish his plans, in order to demonstrate absolutely to the rest of the world how disastrous, wrong and certain to fail the neoconservative idea of imposing democracy through war is.

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4 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Parris assumes that the US wants an empire: they don’t. The neo-cons don’t either. They have three-hundred million people and a lot more who would like to join. They have a huge chunk of a vast continent, and plenty more adjacent territories that would largely welcome closer links. Why would they need this all-out quest for global dominance? The mantra for Bushies is not empire, empire, empire (that was ours), it’s security, security, security. It’s been people like Niall Ferguson (on whom Parris is leaning heavily in this analysis) who have been urging empire on the Americans, not the neo-cons.

  2. The Canadian appears to be posting from a grade school in Washington, Ontario – so while they’re probably on approximately the same level of maturity, I think it’s not him.

    And it depends on the neocon. I don’t think Bush is interested in an empire (or indeed, very much). However, the neocons’ plans existed long before 11/9 alerted people that security was even an issue. The justification for bringing them into play now is certainly security, but that isn’t where they come from originally…

  3. The neo-cons do want an empire, they just don’t know that they do. They want easy access to the natural resources of other countries (chiefly oil), control over regimes in nations with those resources (or at least "american-friendly" regimes), worldwide milatary bases and propogation of "superior" american ideology and civilisation to the rest of the world.
    This sounds like an empire to me.

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