Hang Ashcroft

I’ve long been a keen advocate of the procedure outlined in the title of this post.

However, I’ve somehow managed to miss the slime-feeding pigfucker’s [1] latest outrage – the decision to prosecute Greenpeace for being a criminal organisation, under an obscure 19th century law designed to deter corrupt prostitutes from kidnapping sailors.

Whatever you think of Greenpeace (I’m sceptical of many of their campaigns, they unequivocally made things worse for the environment with their lobbying on the Brent Spar case, and opponents of nuclear power are doing almost as much to harm the environment as cigar-chewing Texan oilmen…), this is an outrage.

Speaking of US Justice Department outrages, how’s about using fingerprint identification alone to find someone and hold them indefinitely as a ‘terrorist’? That’s *using a national fingerprint database*, not checking the fingerprints of suspects. With 1 in 2.5 million accuracy, there are 100 other people in the US who it also could be.

But it’s OK – we know this one can’t be a false positive, because the guy’s a Muslim and has already spoken out against the internment of terrorist suspects. Remember kids – if you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear.

(latter story via Made Out Of People, itself via Crooked Timber)

[1] John Ashcroft frequently brings out my inner Hunter S Thompson…

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