World of strange

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made a very sensible decision on smoking policy, despite being a right-wing politician from California. No smoking allowed in buildings with roofs – so remove the roof…

On the other hand, his solution isn’t too applicable to the UK or New York – I’m pretty sure that if we adopted it, the risk of hypothermia would far exceed any risks from smoking.

Update Feb 19: I knew it was too good to be true. Oh well.

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2 thoughts on “World of strange

  1. The pedantic (among whom I number myself) might object that he is right-wing politician from Austria, in California.
    Oh for the days of ‘Pumping Iron’ when he could appear on film with a ‘Camberwell Carrot’ instead of something illegal — like a Cuban cigar.

  2. Once again politics is about showbiz & actual policies don’t count. California is one of the worlds richest economies with enormous potential & serious self inflicted financial problems & what is reported is smoking policy.

    I suspect Arnie is also doing something about the real issues as well as this non-story & this is merely an example of the reporting of a populist paper like the Telegraph. I could be overestimating.

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