N cheers for Arik, where N is unknown

If this story is reflected in reality, I retract many of the mean things I’ve said about Ariel Sharon. Pulling settlers out of Gaza will directly mean fewer dead Israelis and less land-stealage; it also either:
– helps address the Palestinians’ grievances about Israeli occupation
– helps take away the “Israeli oppression” excuse for Palestinian terrorism and buys Israel international goodwill so it can keep building walls and shooting terrorists
…depending on your levels of hawkery.

Either way, the outcome should be positive. Hopefully it’ll actually happen.

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2 thoughts on “N cheers for Arik, where N is unknown

  1. I’m very sceptical.
    Removing settlers from anywhere in the OTs is never going to be a bad thing, but it is being done as part of this ‘unilateral withdrawal’ plan, and ultimately that plan is a terrible one which will leave the Palestinians with very little land (because Ariel is deciding where to withdraw from), and very much resentment (for the same reason).
    So the short-term outcome could bne positive, but in the long term it could be really bad.
    For me, N=0.5. That’s either a very weak clap or one hand clapping depending on your method of dividing a clap into smaller parts.

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