1) Work seems to be getting in the way of blogging again. I’m doing 14 hour days and am starting to dream market data. Although last night I dreamt I told my boss to fuck off and stick his fucking job…

2) Leftlog PolitX has moved. Not sure about the leftlog title (at least one of the PolitX writers is more a libertine-libertarian), but it’s well worth following.

3) One of my recent Google referring searches was “who to write to about obscenity on UK TV”. I hope the nannying scumsucker found what they were looking for… Cunt.

4) As is traditional when popular, successful Democrats appear, right-wing scumbags are crawling from the woodwork to smear John Kerry based on his sex life. Where’s Ken Starr when you need him?

Actually, the last one was a news post, not a blogging meta-post. Does that save me from the deepest circles of hell?

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One thought on “Meta

  1. As smears go this seems pretty tame. It isn’t rumours about his sex life merely rumours about there being rumours.

    On the other hand it suggests it will be a dirty campaign with old fashioned politics taking the back seat.

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