Now your animal’s gone

Sad music news: the second best band of the 1990s have split up. Also slightly odd news, in that the post-Bernard Butler Suede was entirely Brett’s band anyway… maybe he’s decided he needs to spend more time with his crack pipe.

One thing Suede had in common with Oasis (who, regrettably, haven’t split up) was that for both bands, their B-sides compilations were by far their best albums. And Sci-Fi Lullabies kicks The Masterplan‘s arse into touch.

If you only buy one album recommended by a blog today, then it should be the former (although if you rely on political-ish blogs for your music purchases, you should probably get out and/or read the music press more).

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One thought on “Now your animal’s gone

  1. No, no one needs to read the music press more — it’s dire.

    I quite like Bernard Butler’s solo stuff, though. Not Alone is a bloody cracking record.

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