I hate me so much right now

Picture the scene: me, a week or so ago, vaguely aware that I had to write a report on the market for personal care products among black people in the UK, but knowing the draft deadline wasn’t until today.

It’s a Sunday, I’m on a train, I’m reading the Observer, and I notice an article that says black women’s incomes are level with white women. This is obviously interesting and relevant – so I make a mental note to bring the article into work, then promptly forget about it.

Now the scene shifts to me, in the office, today. Did I bring the article in? Of course not. No problem – the Observer’s got a good website. However, the relevant article is completely unfindable.

Which somewhat undermines my plans for that section of the report. Bugger. If anyone spots it, please can they let me know. And in future, I’m going to keep clippings… sod the web.

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2 thoughts on “I hate me so much right now

  1. I had the Obs yesterday, so I could have gone and found it for you…but it went out to be recycled today. Damn that efficiency!

    (OK, so I probably wouldn’t have got off my arse to go find it if the paper was still around, but at least now I have a valid excuse)

  2. Well, the thought’s what counts ;-)

    With aggressive searching and making things up, err, I mean estimating and forecasting, I think I got something reasonable together in the end…

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