Being sucked in again

Crazy trolls, of whatever political hue, are hardly rarities in bloglife.

It’s much stranger when you encounter commentators who are fairly reasonable and civilised in everyday blogworld, who suddently decide to act like bridge-dwellers for the purposes of one particular thread.

I’ve followed Euroblog A Fistful of Euros (or “euro”, as some more pedantic commentators would have it) since its creation.

This made me particularly surprised to be described as a worthless troll who should go back to Indymedia when I suggested that there was a propensity among the more tinfoil-flavoured variety of libertarian towards steering any media-related thread into anti-BBC venom.

At first, I assumed the commenter was merely lacking in the sense of humour department, and followed up my initial jokey post with a serious and reasoned one. The commenter’s response was textbook rightwing troll.

The odd thing is that said commenter has a reasoned and sane, if a tad economically Austrian, blog of his own. So I’m at a loss as to why, when I ask him why he agrees with Conrad Black’s view that the BBC is the worse menace to British society, he replies with “begone, foolish troll”, or words to that effect.

Should anyone wish to enlighten me, I’d be delighted to be told.

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One thought on “Being sucked in again

  1. You did call him a "tinfoil behated anti-BBC loon" which may well be true but does give him some licence to respond.

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