On average, you’ll be comfortable

…boil in the morning, freeze in the afternoon – then everyone’ll be happy. Genuine work email from yesterday, reproduced intact for your delectation:

—–Original Message—–
From: X
Sent: 28 October 2003 15:10
To: London
Subject: Heating policy

As you may / may not be aware the whole of the (Building X) heating system is one large system – Unfortunately we can not set each floor with an individual temperature, It is more the case of whatever is set on the system is the constant for the building. We therefore have to take into consideration both those who complain of the cold and those who complain of the heat.

Whilst the current mild weather remains we are going to use a strategy of turning off the system at 2pm – The heating can only be powered up once a day as the process is both expensive and time consuming and therefore we need to ensure that enough heat is retained for the building to remain sufficiently heated for the rest of the day.
We as a department have to be careful that a minimum temperature is met throughout the building to meet health and safety legal requirements

Apologies for any inconvenience


Assistant Operations Manager, Operations Department

Don’t you just love admin staff? Accounts departments, HR departments, IT support, operations departments… they’re all so attuned into keeping the productive employees, err, productive.

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