Content management

For no reason other than sheer bloodymindedness (well, sheer bloodymindedness and the desire to remember at least some web development skills), I’ve written my own content management software for Shot by both sides, rather than using an off-the-shelf system like Moveable Type. Imaginatively, this software is called SBBS.

The first release of SBBS appeared at the very end of October 2003; incremental updates since then have improved its functionality to be on a par with the leading software packages as of May 2004 (purely in terms of my needs; it can’t do multiple authors and various other complicated things I don’t need).

If you’d like to run your weblog using SBBS software, despite the fact that it has no significant advantages over MT, feel free to drop me a line. If you’d like help developing your own content management system, then for the love of God get in touch with Chris Lightfoot or someone else who knows what they’re doing. Failing that, feel free to drop me a line. Finally, if you spot any bugs or flaws or other things in SBBS that impair your reading experience, feel free to drop me a line.

Finally, the nasty bit: unlike the verbal content of Shot by both sides, which can be copied for non-commercial use under the Creative Commons License, the SBBS software is entirely not in the public domain. Any attempts to use it without my permission will result in great vengeance, furious anger, and other negative adjective/noun combinations.

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